Can I Purchase Online?

If the aircraft, price, availability and 'core booking' information is available, book online.
If you don't see what you want, call our team and we'll confirm how we can help.

I don't see my purchase option?

If the aircraft, price, availability and 'core booking' information is available, book online.
If you don't see what you want, call our team and we'll confirm how we can help.

Are more features and inventory coming online?

Absolutely. More and more inventory, personalization options, features and online-purchase options are being integrated on a weekly basis.

How is the price of my charter calculated?

The base cost of chartering a private aircraft starts with the hourly rate multiplied by the total flight time for the trip, plus any additional costs where applicable (see below). Hourly rates are determined by aircraft size, class, and type. Flight times are calculated by flight planning programs that consider air traffic control routing, seasonal wind patterns, and aircraft performance, with the total time rounded to the nearest 1/10th of an hour.

Additional costs may be applicable to your flight Like Ground Handling charges, Crew BLT, Watch Hours of Airport etc. These costs include overnight and parking fees (if your trip is over multiple days), landing fees, segment fees, and customs fees (for international trips). In addition to 18% GST, these extra costs are added to the base cost of your trip.

How can I pay?

Purchase online with a credit card (including international cards) and via bank transfer. If you wish to wire transfer or arrange another payment method, contact us.

Is my information safe?

Yes --- our site uses secure pages, encrypted databases and strict security protocols to ensure your purchase and information is kept private at all times.
All activities are logged and monitored to ensure internal and external parties only have access to what they need to.

Which type of private jet is best suited for my charter needs?

There are many variables to consider when selecting an aircraft for your travel needs. When deciding which aircraft to choose you should ask yourself the following questions:

Where is my final destination? | How many passengers will there be?| Will I have a lot of luggage?|How many days will I be traveling? | Do I have a budget in mind?| Which onboard amenities do I expect?

Here are some general examples: If you’re flying private for the convenience, have 2 – 3 total passengers, your destination is a short distance from your departure location, and you have a limited budget, a light jet would be your best option. If instead you plan to take a longer trip with more passengers and luggage, and your destination is farther from your departure location, you may want to consider a mid-sized jet.

Please feel free to contact a Jetsmart charter coordinator to help you better determine which aircraft to utilize on your next flight.

What information do I need to provide for my Jetsmart charter coordinator?

There are many factors that go into planning a successful trip. Your Jetsmart charter coordinator will help you every step of the way. While you may need to provide more detailed information as your trip gets closer, in order to start planning your next flight your charter coordinator will need some basic information from you. Please have the following information in mind when calling your charter coordinator:

What date(s) would you like to travel? | How many destinations will you be flying to and where are they located? | What is the total number of passengers flying?| What is your general timeline for departures and arrivals? | Are there any specific amenities (special snacks & beverages) or services (ground transportation) you will require? Once you have gathered the general details, please contact your charter coordinator, as he or she will show you how Jetsmart can exceed your travel expectations.

How do I customize meal, pickup, drop off and other options?

After each booking, a member of our team will call you to confirm your purchase and help personalise your experience further. We can help with picking you up, dropping you off, meals, drinks, special diets and however else can make your trip a successful one.

How much luggage can I bring onboard a private jet?

Private jet aircraft have baggage stowage on board that spatially varies depending on aircraft size, class, and type. Typically, light jets can accommodate one bag per passenger (with a possibility of 8 passengers) on board. Mid –sized jets can typically accommodate one standard suitcase or two smaller bags per passenger (with a possibility of 8 passengers). If you plan to bring special items on board, such as skis, golf clubs, or a lot of heavy luggage, please speak with your charter coordinator so he or she can ensure that your desired aircraft can safely accommodate your belongings.

Why does the price for the same trip vary on different days?

Several factors can change the price of a charter trip. Big factor is aircraft rate Depending on the aircraft you choose, the overall cost of the flight will change, as all of our aircraft are chartered at a different rate. The biggest factor is weather. Changes in weather can have a great effect on overall flight time. For instance, during the winter months the wind speed is much faster than during the summer months. Since your base charter cost is calculated by multiplying the hourly rate with the total flight time, changes in weather will ultimately change the cost of your flight.

How long before my flight do I have to get to the airport?

The foremost benefit to flying private is convenience. Your private “on demand” jet and flight crew operate off of your travel schedule. Your Jetsmart charter coordinator will ensure that your aircraft and crew are on standby well in advance to your intended departure time. When you arrive at the Airport, your baggage is loaded, you and your passengers are able to board, and the aircraft prepares for take-off. With private jet charter, there are no long lines and no wait to depart. Simply put, your aircraft departs when you’re ready to depart.

Where do I go to meet my private aircraft?

Choosing to fly private allows you to select from many small airports that airline aircraft cannot fly into. When you fly into a small airport, you will depart from a terminal called a fixed based operation (FBO). In addition to servicing aircraft, private FBOs provide many amenities for passengers, such as a lounge area, baggage handling, parking facilities, and assistance with ground transportation arrangements. Many airports contain more than one FBO on site. Because their prices and amenities vary, it is best to allow your Jetsmart charter coordinator to select the best FBO to meet your needs. In addition, your charter coordinator will provide you with the FBO information you need to meet your private aircraft.

How does weather affect my flight?

The captain of your flight crew continually checks the weather at your departure and arrival locations to ensure your total safety. Certain weather conditions, such as fog, lightning, and heavy or freezing rain and snow can affect the safe operation of your aircraft. Postponing a flight when the weather conditions are poor is sometimes necessary. In addition, if the weather conditions at your intended destination change en-route, the captain of your flight may choose to divert to an alternate close-by airport. In the event your flight is diverted, your Jetsmart charter coordinator will assist you in making changes for ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and more.

Is smoking permitted during the flight?

All Jetsmart aircraft prohibit smoking to ensure the complete safety of passengers and flight crew members.

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