Frequently Asked Questions

Is JetSmart registered with any Aviation Association?

JetSmart is a member of Business Aircraft Operators Association. BAOA is the Voice for Business Aviation in India and is recognized by International Business Aviation Council ( and the Indian Regulatory Authorities, DGCA. BAOA promotes the growth of Business Aviation in India.

What services and aircrafts does JetSmart provide?

JetSmart is a Pan India real-time platform for booking aircraft charter services. It also brings to India for the first time, the option of booking charter flights on an Empty Leg or pay per seat on a real time basis. Currently, JetSmart portal comprises of a varied fleet of aircraft from Aeroplanes: Heavy Jet, Mid Size Jet, Light Jet, Multi Engine & Single Engine Turboprop. Helicopters: Medium Multi Engine, Light Multi Engine & Light Single Engine.

What is the JetSmart reach in India?

JetSmart has enrolled Charter aircraft operators from all regions of the country and has a mix of over 250 aeroplanes and helicopters. JetSmart currently has 85 airports on the real time platform and 30 airports that can be booked online through request mode. These airports cannot be booked online on a real time basis due to their operational restrictions like non availability of Night parking, Air Traffic Control Watch Hours and defense related restrictions.

Do JetSmart operators fly to international destinations?

Yes, JetSmart operators fly to various parts of the world. Most heavy and mid size jets fly directly to more than 150 airports in 56 countries. Bookings for all international trips currently cannot be confirmed in real time as they involve highly customized itinerary making it necessary for an operator to provide a price quote. However, you can call the JetSmart helpline to help you obtain a quote for an international trip.

What does it cost to join JetSmart and how does one become a member?

There is no membership fee or any upfront commitments, just login to and register with the requested details.

Why is it important for me to register and set up my profile?

The more information you provide us, the better we can serve you. Your profile is set up in 'My JetSmart' and you will be able to set your preferences for days of the week, times of the year and the time of day you generally travel. You will shortly be able to pick specific dates, for example, interesting sporting events, festivals, wedding season and corporate events. JetSmart shall ensure that no information collected will be used for any commercial promotions/activities to avoid violation of any privacy laws.

By aggregating your travel preferences with other members, JetSmart can reflect demand in the whole marketplace. The technology that drives JetSmart's platform will also be able to analyze this aggregated data to identify patterns of demand where it makes sense for flights to be initiated on a fixed price or pay per seat basis. Completing your travel profile as a JetSmart member is a valuable element for receiving more frequent opportunities for booking discounted private jet travel.

How can I keep track of any schedule changes to the flight I have booked?

At the time of Booking, the Guest or the representative of the Guest are requested to provide contact information such as mobile number, along with an alternate number and Email Id. This will enable us to send an SMS or call you regarding any flight information such as changes to your flight schedule.

Can I book and fly right away?

JetSmart can fly you to any destinations in India, with a cut off notice period of as little as 4 hours on a request only basis. This is applicable for all 24 hour operational civilian airports. JetSmart liaise with multiple operators and agencies to ensure that you fly as efficiently as possible.

For international destinations, at least 5 working days notice is required to execute a flight itinerary - primarily due to permissions from the local regulatory authorities. It is also subject to receiving 'over flying' and landing clearances and visas for crew members (as per requirement of the Destination Specific Country). To book an international charter jet, you can request a quote by email or by contacting the JetSmart helpline.

What are the modes of payment?

Payments can be made either by:

  • Net Banking: EBS Payment Gateway, for the confirmation of the booking.
  • Debit/Credit Card: Visa / MasterCard / AMEX.
  • Demand Draft, drawn in favour of 'IndJets India Private Limited' payable in Bangalore. Any cheques issued by clients will not be accepted at any point of time.
  • Debit/Credit Card: Visa / MasterCard / AMEX.

Are there any additional charges that may be incurred post booking my flight?

All charges that will be incurred for the flight are billed upfront during the booking of the flight, which includes flying charges, cost of fuel, oil, maintenance, landing, Day and Night Parking, meals, navigation fees, dispatch cost, crew stay and waiting charges, ground handling services and a Service Tax of 14% at the time of booking.

Additional charges will apply when changes are made from the booked departure time, at the origin or at any other flight leg booked. These changes could require additional payment to be made towards crew accommodation, ground Handling and extension of Air traffic control hours, which maybe beyond the control of the operator.

What is the check-in procedure when I fly JetSmart?

For flights within India, you must arrive at the airport 30 minutes before the departure time as indicated on your booking confirmation. For International flights, you must arrive 45 minutes before the departure time as indicated on your booking confirmation. The operator's ground staff or the authorized ground handler will escort you from the Airport departure area and help supervise your security, customs and immigration clearances for international flights. Your booking confirmation will provide the contact details of the Operations Staff of the charter operator or the authorized ground handler.

The operator's ground staff or the authorized ground handler will handle your baggage from the moment you arrive at the airport and it will be delivered to you securely on landing.

What do I need to do before I fly?

Ensure you have done the following before leaving for the airport:-

  • Check which airport you are departing from, as some cities may have multiple airports
  • Check for directions or call the operator's staff or the Ground handling agent for more information.
  • Check your baggage weight and size does not exceed the restrictions applicable to the aircraft selected by calling before booking the flight.

How do I know the charter operator I am using is safe?

All JetSmart partner operators are registered & audited for safety by India's Director General of Civil Aviation to operate non scheduled flights. JetSmart thoroughly checks all operational documentation of the operator, including Aircraft Operator Permit (AOP), Aircrafts' Air Worthiness and Insurance Certificate for each aircraft, before enlisting them on the portal.

Yes, you are covered by the operator's insurance in relation to the operation of the aircraft on which you are flying. Passengers are covered under international law and the level of coverage varies depending on the operator.

However, this is not the same as travel insurance and JetSmart recommends that all members travel with a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Can I specify my meal preference?

Yes, you can book your preferred meal according to your dietary needs. Choices include vegetarian, special, religious meal or child and infant meals. Do specify your meal preference at the time of booking and provide any other relevant details in the 'other information' box.

Is alcohol and smoking permitted onboard?

As per rules stipulated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India, alcoholic beverages and smoking is strictly prohibited on board all domestic flights.

Can I use my phone/e-mail during my flight?

The facilities like satellite communication, Wi-Fi are provided at the discretion of the operator. Some operators may have these services onboard, some may not. These services are charged as per usage and applicable tariffs are payable to the operator.

How much baggage can I take?

Baggage space can be at a premium on smaller aircraft and for good operational and safety reasons. Charter operators may impose strict baggage restrictions:

Hold baggage: One soft medium sized bag per passenger. Maximum dimensions: Size 30"(76 cm) x 15" (38 cm) x 13" (33cm), Maximum weight 10kg.

Cabin Baggage: In a private plane there is no overhead storage. Please restrict cabin baggage to 5kg and to a size that you could comfortably place around your feet or on your knee.

What is an Empty Leg?

An Empty Leg, also called a ferry flight or a dead leg is a private jet flying without passengers. This happens when an aircraft drops off passengers at their destination and returns to its home base airport 'empty', or when it flies "empty" to pick up passengers at the destination airport. It is estimated that one in three private jet flights are Empty Legs!

How can I find out about Empty Legs?

On, you will find a short selection of currently available Empty Leg flights. However please note that not all Empty Legs are shown, so please call us and we will find the one most suited to your trip.

What are Empty Legs and Empty Seat Alerts?

JetSmart offers a unique Empty Leg / Empty Seat alert capability via an email and/or SMS for members who may want to subscribe to this service. This service instantly alerts the subscriber of an Empty Leg or an empty seat as it becomes available on a route. An alert can be set for a preferred route or all routes as desired by the subscriber. If a subscriber does not intend to receive any further alerts/updates through this service, he/she can easily unsubscribe from this service by clicking on unsubscribe.

Why are Empty Legs such a good deal?

Since the charter passenger has already paid for the Empty Leg, the operational costs of the flight are covered. Therefore the operator can allow other passengers to fly on this aircraft at bargain prices. As for the operator, any additional income represents an incremental profit. The discount we can offer on Empty Legs can vary between 25% and 50%, compared to regular charter flights.

What are the restrictions of flying on Empty Legs?

The first restriction is that Empty Legs are not immediately available when and where needed. Before JetSmart, It was down to your luck whether an aircraft is available and flying empty on your desired itinerary, at your preferred timing. However, with JetSmart around, it will automatically monitor all the Empty Legs in the market, and we will try to find an Empty Leg and communicate to you immediately, if you are registered member of JetSmart and have subscribed to Empty Leg alerts.

The second restriction is that you cannot choose the aircraft you fly in. The choice has been made by the original passenger, so again we must hope that the empty aircraft meets your needs in terms of passenger capacity. The more flexible you are in terms of timing or destination, the more chances you have of finding an Empty Leg.

What if an Empty Leg is not available on the day I wish to travel?

This is the real challenge for us. If no Empty Legs are available, our next job is to try to modify or reroute an Empty Leg flight.

Are Empty Legs guaranteed?

As the Empty Leg flights are dependent on flights booked, Empty Legs are not fully guaranteed. Usually for long haul flights we can guarantee the flight, 2 to 3 days in advance. For short haul flights, 1 or 2 days in advance. Either way you will always be informed of the status of the Empty Leg, and will not be asked to pay until the flight is confirmed. In case of cancellation of the original flight, JetSmart is available 24/7 and will try to find an alternate solution.

What happens if the flight is delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, technical problems or Air Traffic Delays?

Weather, technical problems and air traffic delays can affect your flight plans while chartering an aircraft. The Civil Aviation Authorities have many regulations concerning weather, types of aircraft and pilot capabilities. Some aircraft are equipped with technology that allows operations in complex weather such as icing conditions or fog. The operator can explain the operational limitations of the aircraft and the company's authorizations.

The Captain is in command of the flight and has sole authority before and during the flight with regards to the safe operation of the aircraft. The Captain will not fly an aircraft if the weather conditions do not meet the standards, certifications or if any other factors affect the safe operation of the flight. By accepting the terms and conditions you agree to the authority of the Captain and the crew of the aircraft, and the relevant regulations governing the decisions they make regarding the operation of your flight.

If a flight is delayed for any reason you may contact the JetSmart operations team, who will coordinate with all reasonable efforts to assist you and provide you with the necessary advice.

Can I cancel an Empty Leg or an Empty seat?

A flight booked through JetSmart will be confirmed when JetSmart accepts the booking and emails you a booking confirmation. At this point all relevant cancellation and refund terms of both JetSmart and the operator apply to your booking.

100% cancellation applies to all Empty Leg & Seat, as some other bonafide passenger may have been denied the opportunity.

What are the terms for cancellation?

  • 100% of the total Invoice Value, if the request for cancellation is made 72 hours prior to departure.
  • 50% of the total Invoice Value, if the cancellation is within 96 hours to 72 hours prior to the Departure.
  • 25% of the total Invoice Value, if the cancellation is within 1 Week to 96 hours prior to the Departure.
  • 10% of the total Invoice Value, if the cancellation is within 90 days and 1 week prior to the departure.
  • 100% cancellation applies to all Empty Legs / Empty Seat bookings.