The Empty Leg Concept
Over 30% of all business aircrafts within India fly empty after dropping their passengers.
At Jetsmart, those empty flights or empty seats are put to better use , either sold as one flight or on a seat to seat
basis, by making those flights followed by seats, making them available at LESSER costs

Common Misconceptions

  • They're only for the rich and famous

    Majority of the private flights are used by business people or celebrities, but a private jet flight is not always an expensive option to fly. On many occasions, due to the nature of private charter operations, operators do offer very attractive prices that are competitive with Business or first class fares of commercial airline
  • Jets are safer than Turboprops

    As long as aircraft are maintained properly, they are all very safe. But it's important to know that jets, turboprops, and piston aircrafts are just as safe as any other airline
  • Owning an Aircraft is better than chartering

    Hardly ever true. Owing a jet comes with huge upfront and recurring costs. In addition, every trip is different requiring a different type of aircraft. Aiming to perform all trips with a 1 size fits all kind of thinking can be extremely expensive or simply undoable, for example, overseas trip will require a heavy long range private jet, a trip within the country may require only a mid Size or light Jet
  • Flying private never makes financial sense for business use

    Certainly not. A private aircraft is actually more cost & time effective especially while flying to Tier 3 cities, where scheduled airline services may be very limited. In addition, using a scheduled service may mean that one needs to spend money on a night stay in that city. When travelling in a group, prices per person become even more attractive
  • Empty Leg flights are always readily available

    Operators usually sell Empty Legs at a reduced price cost to agents' or retail customers. While the Empty Legs are very attractive on prices, they may not always be available on the dates and schedules you may want them to be
  • Bigger operators are better than smaller operators

    Small operators may have fewer aircraft or seats on offer, but they're just as safe and reputable as the larger ones as all of them are governed by the same regulations. In fact some customers prefer smaller operators because of customized and favorable personal experience


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